cohen matthew carreker

below are some recent pics of the 'not so baby' cohen carreker.
linds & i have been meaning to do a photo shoot of him for awhile now.
we were being spontaneous last week & thought we would do it last minute.
for the first time ever, we didn't get tons of smiles but still got some VERY cute/unhappy faces.
maybe next time we should attempt it on a day where he actually takes his nap.
i guess that just means we will have to redo them cohen.
nice try on getting out of the photo shoot.

i know you always hear me talk about this cutie but i have to repeat myself...
he is SO irressitible. SO adorable. SO animated. SO precious. really.
i want a baby like him.


i want to take photos of him every day. please?!

momma handing him a cookie...
he LOVES himself some food.

thanks linds!

can't wait to take more pics of your lil monster!


seely family fun

sunday i took family pictures for leeanne & jason seely, jason's sister & fiance & his parents.
the 'kids' gave this to their parents as an anniversary gift...such a great idea!
we hit up the highland park gazeebo area for some great photo opps.
OH & what a fun group to be around!
& aren't they just a BEAUTIFUL family!

here are a few pics from the shoot. enjoy!

happy anniversary!!
thanks again for letting me photograph you & your precious family.


i <3 garage sales

blake & i are having a VERY exciting weekend here in dallas.
that's right- it's the fusch annual garage sale!
somehow we have managed to accumulate yet another garage sale's worth of stuff to get rid of.
we always have it at his parent's house in preston hollow..we seem to have such great luck there.
i guess people think there is better stuff to buy in that neighborhood...(hope we don't disappoint!)

anyhoo, we haven't organized too much yet so that's what our friday night will consist of.

normally we wake up around 6:30am.
start to set up by 7:00am.
we throw all clothes on blankets in the grass.
put everything else on tables.
nothing has price tags.
we just go with the flow...
basically there is no effort put into it whatsoever.
blake will drive to each corner of the street to post signs by 7:oo-7:15ish.
by the time he is getting back to the house, there is already a flood of people rushing to see the random junk in our yard that's for sale.
if i say something is $1, they only have $.50.
if i say $.50, they say $.25.
it's absolutely crazy, really.
it happens every year.
we even have regulars now.
they are always the first ones to show.
and somehow we manage to get rid of mostly everything!

but it's gonna be a HOT one this time...

welp, that's all i got today...
i hope everyone has a very relaxing & COOL weekend.


goodbye hope

a month or so ago i posted about danielle & ryan's pups- love and hope.
they are two years old & are sisters who LOVE being together & have brought so much joy to ryan & danielle's life.
hope has been sick with bone cancer for about three months now.
she has been on meds, not feeling any pain, but not improving either.
danielle & ryan wanted to make sure she enjoyed the rest of her life here on earth rather than putting her through more surgery, chemo, etc.
today hope was sent to doggy heaven.
these past few months have been a hard time for the longs, as anyone can imagine.
however, they truly feel that hope was ready to go- they had peace & comfort in that.
i know they are so appreciative for the time they had with her.
please keep them in your prayers, and love too, that they continue to stay strong through these first days without hope.


i like to think it's no big deal..

last thursday, i noticed a couple golf ball size bumps on buddy's left shoulder.
sorta what felt like fluid pockets, soft to the touch.
he didn't seem hurt, acted the same & still had an appetite.
the vet told us to give him benedryl to see if it was an allergic reaction to anything.
we noticed that one of the bumps went down quite a bit on saturday but was still noticable.
on monday we had buddy scheduled to be neutered.
when we took him in, the vet decided she was going to focus on the bumps to make sure everything was ok before neutering him.
she examined & drained the fluid pockets.
it wasn't exactly normal but wasn't abnormal either if that even makes sense.
it may be a cyst or even a foreign body but it should hopefully go away with the meds.
they have put him on antibiotics twice a day for ten days.
so next wednesday is when he will finally be neutered.

he was sooo cute when we picked him up from the vet.
completely drugged & confused.
he started whimpering last night once the meds were fading.
he constantly wanted us at his side, petting him, letting him know everything was ok.
he is doing much better today.
has already tried to chase a couple birds & a squirrel.
hopefully we will see a decrease in these bumps & not have to take further action.
WELL- it looks like we at least have buddy for two more weeks...

happy tuesday friends!


buddy goes to the lake

this past weekend, we spent our time out at the lakehouse in mt. vernon, texas.
we decided to take buddy with us to see how he acted around all the other dogs,
to see if just MAYBE there was a chance we could make it work & keep him...;o)
the "parent" fuschs brought their three female yorkies.
blake's aunt brought her two male yorkies.
the neighbor had a total of 5 dogs out as well.
needless to say- it was paradise for all dogs.

well...buddy did absolutely great out there!
he loved everything about the lake.
running around in an endless yard.
playing with other pups.
learning to jump in the lake.
chasing jet skis.

he was so worn out at the end of each day...but was OH so happy.
here are a few pics i captured of him each day.
such a fun & entertaining pup!

buddy was actually scared of the yorkies when they growled like this.
as if they could actually hurt him...
they like to think they rule the house.