20 months


19 months


18 months

my how time flies!! happy 18 months to my baby!

she is doing perfect these days.

moving around like crazy, talking and GROWING.

she had a huge growth spurt per the doc at her recent appointment.

she grew 3 inches in three months and went from 30% in height to 75% which explains all her sleeping lately!

she is the joy of our lives and we are truly blessed by her!


recent mobile happenings...

eleanor cuddling with her blankie. LOVE.

practicing the balance beam at little gym.

eleanor and lyla enjoying milk and mickey.

cat face.

caught eleanor playing in the dryer...with daddy's underwear.

yes it's around her neck because everything is a necklace to her.

lil pianists.

trying on a fedora. how do i look?

hanging with the nickell boys at the san diego zoo.

i need this pic framed...

rach, eleanor and eli.

my lil anthro model.

an unhappy lyla because we were taking pics of her and her mess.

cousins playing at the galleria.

jett, eleanor and deedee.

bathtime with jett!

17 months


hangin with mark c!

we had a little run in with mark cuban at northpark today.

we were hoping for mark to hold both eleanor and lyla on each hip but let's just say lyla was not a happy camper about being passed off to mc.

oh well...i suppose this pic will do!

thanks mark!


bubbles are funny


16 months

happy 16 months eleanor claire!


happy 4th of july!

hope your day was wonderful!


15 months


14 months

happy 14 months ellie bellie!

all i can say is being a mommy gets better and better by the day!

what a precious angel she is to us!



this past valentine's day, blake, ryan and chris surprised me, danielle and lindsay with a trip to maui.

well it's finally here and i cannot wait to be laying in the sun, catching some rays and relaxing!!

three of four kiddos are coming too which will be a total blast!

i can't wait for eleanor to play in the water & sand & experience one of my favorite places on this planet.

i hope everyone has a fabulous week!



jett has something to say...

that's right!!!!
my beautiful sister, meredith and her husband patrick are expecting number two.
i couldn't be more excited for them!
they are due november 27 so it looks like we will be having a thanksgiving baby this year.

oh and then guess what...

lindsey and jeremy durrett are prego too!
here we go. round two!
i am seriously beyond thrilled for them.
they are due dec 3 which was lyla's original due date. crazy!

i cannot wait to meet these two precious babies.
i absolutely love being an aunt and it is an understatement to say that eleanor LOVES her cousins.
what fun it will be to have so many cousins her age to play with!

meredith & lindsey- you both will be in our prayers over these next nine months.
love you and your familes!


happy easter!


13 months

happy 13 months sweet girl!



last weekend i met up with crystal and dan kulle and their three children as well as erin nickell, her three boys and brianna and matt (their aunt and uncle) to take some pics in the bluebonnets. what fun it was to capture such beautiful families. erin and crystal are true supermoms! it's amazing to watch them in action! i was able to get a lot more of the kulle fam since we started a bit earlier. shae was my little super model! once the nickells arrived, the kids were all about playing, hiking and finding sticks. benny wasn't too excited about pics but i still thought it was important to capture the true emotion of the day even so. i mean kids are still cute when they cry right?! these are just a few of my favorite pics below!

girl's trip!

me, rach, amy and erin are headed to fredricksburg, texas for a girl's getaway tomorrow.

oh how i have been looking forward to this for so long and it's FINALLY here!

it is my first time leaving eleanor with blake for longer than a few hours (i just finished nursing 5 days ago). i know she will be in good hands and i can tell he is excited to have some special father/daughter time this weekend.

we have rented out a cottage near main street and have some fun things planned- shopping, eating, dining, wineries, hiking, etc but if you know of anything specific we should do, please let me know! i think we are all excited for different reasons and are looking forward to getting out of the city and relaxing for a few days.

have a happy wednesday and a great weekend!

Dance Your Shoes Off

More than 2,000 members of Second Baptist Church in Houston (where my sister and her husband both work and are a part of this video) flooded Discovery Green to perform a choreographed dance to a praise song about the resurrection in hopes that video of the event will go viral on YouTube in the weeks leading up to Easter. What an inspirational and uplifting video!! Hope you enjoy!


birthday wishes


kilkenny engagement

i had the opportunity to snap some engagement pics for chris & alicia this past week. what a fun couple they are! check out just a few of the many pics that were taken! hope you enjoy!

thanks for letting me a part of such a special time in your lives!