2 month check up

eleanor had her two month check up today.
this is her on the table right before she got her 3 shots. arg.
she weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces which is 25th percentile for weight &
she measured 22 1/2 inches long which is 50th percentile for height.
the doctor said she looked perfect.

we are so proud of our baby girl- she only screamed for 10 secs and then stopped.
poor thing.
it was so hard to watch but was over quickly.
since her shots though she has been so sweet, smiley and cuddly.
she has been going through a "i don't want to be in my carseat in the car" phase but after the shots, she rode peacefully in the car. so nice.
she went straight to bed for a nice long nap afterwards and is still asleep.

she slept 5 hours straight last night which was record setting.
i felt so rested when i fed her at 2:30 in the morning- i felt like i had the energy to clean the entire house!

she is so alert these days.
she is loving all her toys with lights and sounds.
she is also now enjoying books being read to her and can recognize mommy and daddy from across the room.

it is so fun watching her change each day!
a true miracle!


the thurman nest

last week i took some pictures of my favorite nephew, jett, with his mommy & daddy.
i am pretty sure a child cannot have prettier eyes than jett elijah.

they were so fun to capture...check out the pics below!

love you guys!!

mother's day

Lindsey & Lyla and me & Eleanor on our first mother's day!

play time

here are a few pics i snapped of eleanor hanging out on her play mat.
she loves to lay on it after eating and smile/giggle at herself in the mirror.



cousins playing



eleanor (almost 2 months) and her cousin lyla (almost 5 months) hanging out together at north park mall.
i love eleanor's half smile.
i look forward to the many memories these two will have together!



i had to share this adorable pic of eleanor.
it seems like each day we get more and more smiles and giggles from her & it is absolutely the sweetest thing ever.
it's fascinating how much a baby changes in a matter of days.
she has more awake time now during the day which has been fun.
she actually is enjoying her play mat, rattles & other toys that entertain her.
her neck and legs are getting stronger and stronger as well.
she loves to stand up on our laps and push up as we lift her by her arms. so cute.
she officially is out of her 5-8 lb clothing (it's tight on her, YAY!) and now is fitting into her newborn clothes.
it's SUPER fun getting to play dress up with her now that i have clothing options!
last weekend i went to visit my sister & had the chance to weigh Eleanor.
she weighed a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces at 6 weeks.
it's hard to believe that most of my friends babies were born at that weight or bigger!
Eleanor is still eating every three hours or so. sometimes sooner, sometimes later (at night).
i am up on average two times a night to feed...every night is different!
what has been pretty amazing is that i seem to have plenty of energy to get through the day. (that's called mommy endurance i hear).
i haven't really taken naps & i am still able to get all my work done, some from home & some from the office.
blake has been the best husband/father i could ask for.
he is such a huge help which has made this journey thus far pretty easy and so much better than i could ever have imagined.

happy wednesday!