heart beat

blake received the best birthday gift ever today.
and i did too..
we got to see our baby's heart beat for the very first time.
what an INDESCRIBABLE feeling it was.
the sonogram directly above shows the heart beat pattern.
the babe's heart beat is beating 153 beats per minute.
we are being told that the fast beating must mean it's a girl...hmmm.

we also received all the blood test results back & everything appears to be normal.
praise God!
i will be seven weeks this saturday.
i will have myself a lil blueberry in me.
still not feeling sick although i expect it to start any day now.
between my sister & lindsey, it's bound to happen!
i have felt somewhat tired but not sure if that's because i am not drinking caffeine anymore or if the baby symptoms are starting to weigh in.
i am trying my hardest to not use the baby excuse for everything...
we will see how long that last. ;o)
our next appointment is not until late august.
i will be sure to keep you updated!
blake & i are heading out to the lake this afternoon to get ready for all the birthday festivities.
we are super excited for this weekend & are thrilled to celebrate with so many friends!
have a wonderful & blessed weekend!!

birthday boy!

happy 30th birthday to my
and precious husband!!

i love you so much blaker!

{wowza we are getting old...} ;o)


week 21: baby durrett


...fusch news...

okay, i cannot wait any longer...
are you ready...

i am proud to announce that blake & i are expecting our first baby next march!!
that's right. {wow- that feels so weird to say!}
we will officially become parents in less than 8 months. can you believe it!?
we are super super thrilled, excited, shocked, happy, ALL OF IT!
it was planned, although we didn't expect it to happen THIS fast.
we feel VERY blessed that it did!

we had our first doctor's appointment today.
we did all the initial testing & even were able to take a peek at the lil peanut.
too soon for a heartbeat.
i will be six weeks on saturday so we are still VERY early on.
and yes, we are aware that it's REALLY early.
but we are just too giddy to keep all this to ourselves!

we go back next thursday for another sonogram to see the heartbeat.
please pray for us throughout this journey- that the pregnancy goes smoothly (nauseous free!) & that we have a healthy, strong, happy baby at the end of it all!

see the tiny little white dot...that's baby fusch!
isn't that just AMAZING. wow.
God is good.


week 20: baby durrett

isn't she beautiful!


...sky ski...

here is blake giving the sky ski a shot this weekend at the lake.
more pics to come soon!
hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


week 19: baby durrett

linds is offically 19 weeks now.
isn't she beautiful!
i just LOVE what her sweet husband had to say this past week.
sorry the picture is so small.
until i can figure out how to make it bigger- you may have to click on it to read it!
{if you have any advice on this, please, please let me know!}



baby nutt

today i met up with christy & tim nutter to take baby hudson for a swim at their apt pool.
hudson is two and a half months now & is one CUTIE.
i love his cheeks!
he seemed so content in the pool with his daddy.
no crying. no fussing. all happy baby & one full diaper.
he loved loved the warm water too.

of course i had the camera in hand so i snapped a few pics for the nutters.

we were surrounded by a bunch of 25 + year olds, swimming, drinking beer & playing music.
isn't that where most people take pictures of babies?
hudson didn't mind though.

enjoy baby nutt.

trust me, there will be MORE to come of this lil one. ;o)


samantha + travis: ring

samantha sampson asked me to take a few photos of her engagement ring a few days ago.
she wanted to be able to show all her out-of-town family & friends her BEAUTIFUL ring.
she was propsed to underneather the fireworks on july 4th.

check out the rock below.

congrats to samantha & travis!

happy friday friends!

so happy

good news.

the vet called us yesterday.
she received the results for buddy's bumps we had removed last week.

they are NOT cancer!!!
buddy is cancer FREE!

we are SO SO happy.
she was 90% sure it was cancer based on what she saw/studied/sent off.
so were the other vets.

but God is good & buddy is a healthy, recovering lil pup!


britt turns one

last saturday i photographed baby britt's first birthday party.
it was yellow ducky themed & was absolutely adorable!

take a peek a just a few of the pics from the event.

happy birthday britt!

thanks for letting me be a part of britt's big day!!