it's that time again...

we are headed to round top, texas (population 77) tomorrow for some antique shopping!

i look forward to this every spring and fall.

love searching for some new treasures!

oh and the weather should be perfect.

i hope everyone has a fabulous week!


E update

we had eleanor's 12 month check up yesterday.
everything went well.
she weighed in at 18 pounds 12 ounces (15%) and is 29 1/4 inches long (50%).
she got four shots.
pour thing...the minute she lays on that awful paper, she knows whats coming next.

one thing we were excited about doing was turning eleanor's carseat forward after this appt.
well apparently the newest study (and what my doctor is going by as of two days ago) now wants parents to wait until the child is two years old.
we can switch her to her big girl carset but sorry eleanor- one more year staring at the back of a seat.
however the doc did say that at 18 months we would talk about it again.
depending on her height and whether her feet were touching the seat, we may be able to switch her then.
well shall see.

current E facts:
- finally crawling and almost walking.
- has her two bottom teeth and i am pretty sure the top two should be here any day.
- sleeping 7:30pm -7:45am.
- naps at 9:30am and 3:00pm for 1-2 hours.
-down to nursing only in the morning. this feeding will be dropped in a week or so (or whenever mommy can actually "let go").
- 3 sippy cups of whole milk throughout the day at 11:30 (after her morning nap), 2:45 (before afternoon nap) and 7:30 (bedtime).
- her favorite foods are tomatoes, blueberries and hummus.
- she is quite the talker...i feel like she learns a new word every day.
- she gets more obsessed with her cousins lyla and jett every day.
- she also gets super excited when she sees her uncle "keg" or craig, dada, buddy, grandma (susu and diana), both grandpas, lulu and aunt mere, Deeeee (danielle), bentley and travis. it is so fun to watch her recongnize more and more people!

happy thursday friends!


it worked for us!

on feb. 1, 2011, blake and i decided to do something we both have NEVER done before.

are you ready for this.
we started a diet.
yes that's right. a diet.
not just any diet but the south beach diet.

my parents have been on the south beach diet for over a year.
my dad has lost well over 30 pounds and my mom 20.
they both look AMAZING!

i was tired of the 10 pounds of baby weight i still had to lose and i knew i couldn't do it alone.
somehow, someway i convinced blake to attempt the SB diet with me.
i just knew i couldn't do it without blake...especially since we cook/eat almost every meal together.
so we agreed that after we got back from our colorado trip in jan, we would begin SB.

and that we did.

i will say, the first two weeks (phase 1) which involves no carbs or sugars, was HARD.
the second week easier than the first but still a challange to say the least.

we are still on phase 2 today.
you stay on this phase until you reach your goal, whatever that may be.
in phase 2 you can bring whole wheat, fruit and some other foods back in to your diet.
the diet is super easy for the most part now since our body has adjusted.
we really don't have cravings for the things we used to.
it is safe to say it has been a lifestyle change for us.

blake has lost 18 pounds and i have lost 10 pounds.
yes i finally am back down to my pre-baby weight and i have a one year old! yay!

i have to say, i am completely impressed with blake and his devotion to this diet.
you would think that maybe once or twice you would cheat, and i am sure most do.
but NOT blake. there is no cheating on this diet.
it's all or nothing for him which i totally respect.

who knows how long we will be doing this.
today we both can agree we are happy with the results and the difference we feel in our body.

hooray for losing weight!! ;o)

eleanor turns ONE

we had such a fun time celebrating eleanor's first birthday this past saturday.
between friends and family, baby bounce, the castle bounce house & all the yummy food, i would say eleanor was ONE happy girl!

below are a few pics (of over 600 that were taken).
check out the rest on facebook!

eleanor's invitation...the theme: PINK!

smashcake and dessert table. pink pink and more pink!

12 month birthday banner

seeing all her friends and family for the first time.

walking with mama.

parachute time.

loves it when we sing happy birthday to her. not a fan of cake. and i am ok with that.

blake trying to feed cake to eleanor. she wasn't having it.

it's baby bounce time!

family photo opp.

jett kissing on his cousin.

eleanor and lyla in the castle bounce house.

thanks to all our friends and family who helped with this party.
i was so happy with the turn out and have you all to thank.
we love you and had such a special time celebrating eleanor's first birthday!



12 months

happy happy birthday to our sweet angel!
it's hard to believe we have been parents for an entire year now.
what a fun and blessed year we have had. PURE JOY!

Eleanor stats to come after we go to her 12 month appt next week.


st. pattys

this past saturday we hung out at the carreker's all day for their annual st. patty's day gathering.
of course we had a blast and as always, they were such great hosts.

we tried to snap some pics of a few of the kids while we could grab their attention.
we weren't really successful but it was a cute attempt.

thanks for another great party chris and lindsay!


this weeks faves

these are this weeks (or i guess i should say last weeks) faves.
casey abrams and pia toscano.
i told you i would change my mind.
i must say, this season is a good one.
a talented group to say the least.
tonight though, it's all about the bachelor.


so far, she's my fave.

not sure how i will feel in the weeks to come, but today i vote for haley reinhart.
oh how i love me some american idol!