week 33: baby durrett

it's getting close!!! isn't she beautiful!


week 32: baby durrett


IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

we finally had our 18 week appointment this morning.
we had all the major testing done on our baby & momma & everything looks perfect.

as you can see, we found out that baby fusch is a precious little girl! ;o)
we are extremely excited & feel very blessed to be having a healthy baby girl as our first child.
words cannot describe the emotions we felt during this visit.
it was different than any other, of course, especially since she is getting bigger & bigger.
the doc went over the entire body, bones, heart, brain, kidneys, etc to double check that all was developing the way it should.
it was truly amazing seeing so much on this tiny baby.

up until this point, i have not really felt pregnant to be honest.
i never really had many symptoms so finding out the sex & seeing so much of the baby today was absolutely surreal.
i simply have a hard time understanding how anyone can witness what i saw today & not believe in our God & His amazing creation.
it brings tears to my eyes every time i think about our baby & that i really do have a tiny human growing inside of me-
AND i am beyond grateful for this journey that blake & i have been chosen to take together.

she weighs about 9 ounces right now & is about the size of a sweet potato.
her heart beat was 150 bpm.
she was VERY active- doing flips & kicking my stomach although i haven't felt that yet but should any day!

below are a few pics from today's visit at the doctor.

isn't she lovely?!


week 31: baby durrett


week 30: baby durrett