picnic in the park

yesterday linds and i took the girls to one of our favorite parks to have a picnic, play and snap some pics.

we couldn't have asked for a prettier day!

i hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend!


11 months

happy 11 months to my sweet baby girl!
E stats:
- as of today she weighs 18 lbs
- she is sleeping 12 hours at night, 7:30p-7:30a
- still napping at 9:30a and 3:00p for 1-2 hours each nap
- down to three nursings a day- 7:30a, 3:00p and 7:30p
- has recently been introduced to whole milk which she has after her morning nap & she seems to love.
- her second tooth is going to pop through any minute- gums are purple and swollen.
- she is moving around a lot more these days. looks like she will be going straight from sitting to walking and never crawl!
- she is quite the talker. she points at about anything she can see and says "that, that" until you tell her what it is.
- her favorite word is duddy which means buddy.
- her newest words that she has learned is thank you and baby.
- she loves to give high fives.
- she is getting more and more attached to her daddy each day. it is absolutely adorable!
what a blessing these last 11 months have been. i cannot believe we will be celebrating her 1 year birthday NEXT month. where did the time go!?


hugs and kisses


diamonds are a girl's best friend

as i was getting ready this morning, i felt something scratching me on my finger.
i look down and this is what i see...

after feeling nauseous for a good 30 minutes thinking about the trillion places it could be and wondering what the heck i was going to tell blake, i found it on our downstairs changing table.


i am off to the diamond store.
i hope your friday had a better start than mine did!


her fave

this is eleanor's current favorite toy to play and walk with...thanks aunt mere!

cuddle time

such a sweet moment of E and B relaxing on blaker.
they love their daddy.



here is a pic of eleanor's first tooth.
tooth number 2 is on it's way!


back just in time

we are back from telluride and let me say it was a blast!
the weather was perfect and we had such a great time relaxing, snowboarding & eating with friends and family in a beautiful home.

i took tons of pic on my big camera but have yet to edit them so below are some pics i took on the iphone...again so thankful for that second camera!

in no particular order...

linds and i at the new sheridan in downtown tellruide.

my happy little snow bunny.
the girls hitting the slopes- linds, danielle, me

me and linds

my only snowboarder friend- good thing he's my husband.

ellie belly watching for the airplane

arriving in telluride- so excited!

view from our hot tub on the back porch.

blake, eleanor and susan

time to put on the snowsuit!
so sweet.
blake and ryan

riding on daddy's shoulders
playing in the snow

we made it back literally three hours before the storm hit dallas monday night. me, blake & eleanor drove back, stopping in santa fe, new mexico for the night. we stayed at a super cute hotel called las palomas- if you ever find yourself in santa fe, i definitely recommend it!