2 down, 1 to go

i am officially in my third trimester this week!

whooo hoooo!!
11 more weeks left!

today i had a baby checkup plus my glucose test.
yes i had to drink that orange drink although it wasn't as bad as i expected.
i won't get the results back from the test until next week because of the holiday.
everything else appeared normal with mom and baby.
baby's heart beat was 145 bpm & measured the normal size.
she checked my cervix & i am not dilated or effaced yet. (that is a good thing- we don't want a baby this early!)

i now go back to the doctor every two weeks until my last month which will be every week.

we are headed out to the lake this afternoon for the weekend.
the durretts & the fuschs will be out tomorrow.
of course we are excited to see them but are even more excited to play with our precious lyla kate!
it has been so fun seeing blake eww and aww over her.
i think it is safe to say he hogs her anytime family is around.
everytime we leave lyla, he tells me how much more excited he is to meet our baby girl.
i can't help but smile every time he says that- he is going to be such a good daddy!

OH & now that i will have a break from what seems to be my crazy life these days, maybe i will actually get to take some pics this weekend!
and YES YES, i will find someone to take some of the ever growing baby bump. promise!

i hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.

what a blessed year 2009 has been- i can't wait to see what is in store for 2010!



WELCOME Lyla Katherine Durrett

below is my new baby niece- lyla katherine durrett.
isn't she precious!?
born december 8, 2009 at 12:21am.
she was 8 pounds, 3 ounces, 19 inches long.
momma and baby are doing well.

look how good blake looks with a baby!
he's gonna be such a great daddy...i can tell already!
welcome baby girl!!!
i can't wait for her to meet her cousin in march!

week 40: baby durrett


baby lyla is on her way

exciting news update:

lindsey & jeremy were told to come to the hospital tonight at 6:00pm.
she has been put on some medicine that will thin her cervix.
they will rest there overnight and at around 8:30am, she will be put on pitocin which will begin the labor process.
depending on how her body responds to the meds, baby lyla could come quickly or take all day.

blake & i will be headed up to the hospital in the morning so i will keep you all posted as i found out the details.

please keep them in your prayers over the next couple days for a smooth delivery and a healthy momma & baby girl!

we are all so excited to meet our newest little family member!



3D sono

we got to see our baby girl this morning & wow, are 3D sonograms are AMAZING!
she had an audience watching her- both sides of the family came to see a sneak preview!

there are a few pics below of what we could get.
let's just say she wasn't the most cooperative little girl. that stinker.
her heartbeat was 161 bpm.
we did find out that she is head up right now meaning she is considered breeched.
apparently doctors start to be concerned at 32 weeks on if they are breeched so hopefully she turns her little body around before then.

we spent an hour trying to get a good shot of her face/profile.
at first she waved at the camera but for most of the time her feet and hands were in front of her face.
she opened her mouth a lot, apparently swallowing the amniotic fluid and also playing with her fingers and toes.
she is one limber baby!

check out our beautiful little girl!

the above pic shows her knee close to her chin. her eyes are closed & you can see her tiny nose and mouth.
the picture above shows her foot pretty much in her face.
how can that be comfortable!?

i am just so amazed still at all of this- the entire pregnancy process.
she truly is a beauitful gift from our God.
blake & i cannot wait to meet our sweet angel.


week 39: baby durrett

week 38: baby durrett


buddy's first snow this morning caught on the iphone.

gotta love those sweet eyes.

...yes this is a new post

apparently my tator tot casserole post is making people hungry being that it's been the most recent post for over a week now so i have been instructed to update.
i apologize.

things have been great in the fusch household.

we had a wonderful thanksgiving week.
my sister came in town with her husband and my precious nephew, jett.
we had the whole family over for dinner one night.
i also spent a lot of time with them in coppell.
i even stayed the night at my parent's house because i just couldn't go back to dallas knowing my little nephew (meredith & patrick too) were so close!
jett stayed with me in my room & i got to take care of him all.night.long!
it was so fun & special for me even though he woke up two times in the night and again at 7!

my baby bump is getting bigger and bigger.
i am 24 weeks.
we had our monthly checkup on monday.
her heartbeat was 130bpm.
she weighs over a pound now & measures a little over 12 inches.
i have continued to feel great throughout my pregnancy with the exception of heartburn which began this week.
not the most pleasant feeling but i can tough it out right!?
tomorrow we have our 3D sonogram of our baby girl.
we are so excited to see her again!
we have invited both sides of our family to come see her especially since neither moms had anything close to this when they were pregnant.
i will be sure to post those pics sometime after the appointment tomorrow.

for those of you who are wondering where lindsey durrett's baby bump pics are...
i hope to get those up today.
i have weeks 38 and 39 to post.
my lovely laptop recently got a virus so i am having to stay late at work to edit any pictures (which is my excuse for why i have been lacking in pics these days). ;o)

and for those of you who are wondering how lindsey durrett is doing...
she is due this friday, december 4th but is scheduled to be induced on december 7th if she hasn't come before.
she is around 2cm dilated and 75% effaced and has been for over a week now.
we can't wait to meet baby lyla & couldn't ask for a better Christmas present this year!!

i promise to you all (you know who you are) that i will try to do a better job of updating.
i am ashamed of myself too. ;o)