tonight is the american idol finale.
kris allen v. adam lambert.

i really really really wanted danny to win.
now i really really really want kris to win.
i can't handle adam's screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-tongue-hangin-out ANYMORE.
i literally plug my ears when he sings that's how much i don't like it. ;o)
blake's not a fan either.

unfortunately, i will be on the airplane to europe when they announce the winner.
nothing like watching the entire season only to miss the final show!
i will leave it up to you to update me with the happenings of tonight's finale.
have a wonderful & blessed next couple of weeks!


it's vacay time!

it's finally time for a much needed break around here!

that's right- the fuschs are off to europe for a couple weeks.

we have a family wedding in ireland to start off the trip-
blake's english cousin is marrying an irish girl!
we will be in dublin the first night where i am told i HAVE to drink a guiness. (we'll see about that!)
then we will be staying at a spa complex closer to the center of ireland on a beautiful lake.
this is where the wedding festivites are being held all weekend.
sunday afternoon we will make our way to london to stay in the cotswolds for a few days.
blake booked an AMAZING english cottage with a thatched roof dating back to 1650..LOVE IT!!

after the cotswolds- me, blake, lindsey & jeremy head to france for a business trip.
we will travel the countryside for a few days & end up in paris for the last two nights.

i absolutely love, love experiencing new places with blake for the first time.
i am also looking forward to taking TONS of pics!!

*the only glitch*- i get to pack for a two week trip in a bag weighing no more than 33 lbs.
thanks Ryan Air.


connor bridal shower

my good friend, sarah connor, was given a bridal shower this weekend in coppell.
everything was so detailed & perfect-
from the invitations, napkins & presentation of food
to the flowers, delicious homemade cupcakes & yummy, yummy party favors.
the hostesses did such a wonderful job of putting it all together!
i am pretty sure between us all, we have an entire event planning business ready to go!

congratulations SARAH-less than a month to go!

{check out some fun pics below}

i hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing weekend!
it's back to work tomorrow....
but only for 3 days, then it's vacation!


love & hope

our dear friends, ryan & danielle long, have two BEAUTIFUL golden retrievers.
their names are love & hope.
they are two years old, are sisters & best friends.
recently the longs found out that hope has an aggressive bone tumor on one of her hips.
after exams, testing & surgery, they have decided to let hope be.
no more suffering through surgeries.
they want hope to enjoy whatever time she has left, long or short.
below are some pictures of the longs with their precious pups.
as if you can't tell, hope really loves the ball. a lot.

please keep the ryan, danielle, love & hope in your prayers.

OH & have a wonderful & blessed weekend!


4d sono

here are some pics from meredith & patrick's doctors visit yesterday.
how amazing are these!?!?


drumroll please...


meredith & patrick found out what they were having today. FINALLY.

are you ready...!?



i am going to have a little nephew. my first ever.
we are so excited for them.
i know they are excited too.
now they can finally get going on the fun stuff...you know-
narrow down the name list,
register for the appropriate sex,
decorate the nursery
plus whatever else it is that you do to prepare for a lil one.

{i wouldn't know} ;o)

congratulations to my beautiful sister and her husband!!
less than four months left!!


my new friend

this is my new friend.
he is always sitting on my front porch when i get home from work.
sometimes i take pics of him which i think he enjoys.
hence his pose.
isn't he a cute lil thang.


MADSEN cargo bike

check out the new MADSEN cargo bike.
how cute is that!
i would seriously ride that all over town.
to work, to the gym, to hpv, wherever!

madsen is giving away this bike in a contest.
check out this site for more info!!

jacob & emma win

i figured since all my friends {& family} are either preggers, about to have a baby or just had a baby, i would post the top 100 baby names for 2008.

check out the list below
{top 100 baby names}

*if you are still having trouble deciding on a name, you could always contact rachel...she has every name in the book memorized, can tell you the meaning of each & its popularity rating.

happy monday & go mavs!



meredith came in town this weekend for mother's day.
we had a girl's day on saturday- me, meredith & momma D.
pedis, shopping, lunch, shopping & more.
everything i love with the women i love..all in one day!
check out meredith's baby bump.

meredith seriously looks so adorable.
she is 20 weeks along & feeling great.
her & patrick find out tuesday whether it's a boy or girl.
i think it's a girl. meredith and patrick are sure it's a boy.
two more days...
oh and her baby is the size of a cantelope.
below is what baby T is up to this week:

baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. and, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!


feeling the bump & the slight movement of baby T.

i am so grateful for the time i was able to spend with my family this weekend.
their love, friendship & support means the world to me.
my mother brings joy to my life each day & i love her dearly for that.

please pray for meredith & patrick-
that their sonogram/testing on tuesday goes smoothly.

happy mother's day to all moms & moms-to-be out there!!


can't resist this

doesn't this face just make you smile?
i had to share.
this is cohen matthew carreker.
he is approaching six months now.
every time i see him, he is either laughing or smiling,
wide-eyed and cute as a button.
i am sure his parents wouldn't always agree-
but he is one of the most laid back, content babies ever. really.
he is such a perfect blend of his parents too.



baby hudson!

we saw baby hudson tonight.
all 6 pounds, 10 ounces of him.
i finally held him.
he was so precious, tiny and beautiful in every way.
he is God's gift. just absolutely perfect.
i look forward to watching him grow.
congrats christy & tim.

Behold, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127:3