coppell baby shower

here are some pics from last weekend's baby shower.
it was so much fun celebrating baby fusch with my close family and friends.
thank you again for such an AMAZING shower.
everything was perfect!
i am so blessed to have each one of you in my life!

blessing cards for baby eleanor. (so sweet)

thank you cards- already addressed (made by erin nickell!)

delicious cake balls from the connors

jan's notorious salad-in-a-cup

jan's BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement in a bird cage

baby jett

my sweet mother in law and baby lyla

opening gifts

brianna, debbie and jacqueline...pretty ladies!

julie, jan and rach

lindsey, susan and lyla

another talent of erin's...diaper cakes!

all the wonderful gifts...i think our baby girl is set!

me, jett, lyla and lindsey

amy and rachel

me and stef

me and lindsey durrett....you can't even tell she had a baby last month!


prego dinner

here is a cute shot of me and four other pregger friends of mine from dinner last week.
i am due march 20, monica april 8, stefani may 2, lindsay may 8, erin may 10.
i am sure i got some of those dates wrong but they should be close enough.
i can't wait to hold all these precious babies!!!


32 1/2 weeks & counting...

i had another doctor's appointment this morning.
everything looked normal and measured as it should.
baby's heart beat was 150 bpm.
i asked her about the position of the baby and she said based on how low the heart beat was on my belly that it seemed she was head down.
she also felt around & said it's still hard to tell the difference between the head and rump this early on but she thought the head felt like it was down.
YIPPPPEEEE! hopefully she's right and that means our little girl has turned and isn't breeched anymore.
although i have still prepared myself for a c-section (i don't know why) so if that's what i end up with, i am still ok with that too.
all i want is a healthy baby girl.

we have under eight weeks left & are getting more and more excited!
i still feel great each day, am sleeping well at nights and am able to work out 4-5 times/week.
today at the gym, my body pump instructor told me i was her inspiration for when she gets pregnant some day which was so nice to hear!
i told her i really thought working out had helped me thus far in my pregnancy and would absolutely recommend it to any preggers out there especially if you are just now trying to get pregnant.
the more you do before you are pregnant, the more you can do while you are pregnant!

the nursery is getting closer and closer to being completed.
we really just have things to hang on the wall and other minor details.
i will post some pics once we are finished.

i had a WONDERFUL shower this past weekend.
i hope to get some pictures posted sometime this week.

happy monday!


big boy jett

i seriously cannot stop staring at this picture of my nephew.
i don't think there is a cuter boy out there!
he is getting so big...3 months old & already wearing 6 month clothes!

30 week belly

i can't believe how fast time is flying! 9 weeks left until we meet our baby girl!


30 week doc appt/cali trip

just a little update on the babe

had an appointment this morning to make sure everything looks okay before i go on my trip to cali this weekend.
baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm and is measuring normal.
i got my glucose test results back and everything looks perfect! praise the Lord!
she also let me know that the risks with traveling are blood clots and dehydration so to be sure to not sit down for long periods of time without walking around & drink LOTS of water.
no worries though- i plan i doing PLENTY of walking on this trip.

my trip this weekend

me, amy, & rachel are flying into orange county to visit erin and the boys tomorrow.
friday & saturday we will be staying in beverly hills where we will visit our dear friends conan o'brien & andy richter.
hopefully we have as much luck as blake & i did in new york and get front row seats where conan talks to us throughout the show.
i am pretty sure conan will remember me from my new york visit. (hopefully the belly doesn't throw him off).
so if you are a conan fan, watch friday night's show- you just might see us on TV.
guests on the show are Rob Lowe, Aziz Ansari & OK go (whoever they are).
other TO DO's while in Cali: shop, EAT, H&M, walk, EAT, relax, etc.

i am so excited about this trip. i think we all are in need of a serious break these days.
plus, this could be one of my last girl trips for awhile. ;o)

have a great rest of the week/weekend!


new years/birthday

i hope everyone had a fabulous new years weekend.
blake & i spent a wonderful couple nights out at the lakehouse relaxing for what will most likely be our last time EVER by ourselves again at the lake. ;o)

thursday night it was raining AND freezing so we made a fire inside and watched a movie and all the new years festivities on TV.
i actually stayed awake until 1:00 am... so proud of myself!

friday was a LOVELY day.
no more rain. all sun.
lindsey, jeremy & baby lyla showed up first.
then my sweet, sweet parents surprised me and came out for the day for my birthday!
(i was wondering why my mom chose to "clean" rather than come spend time with her 27 year old daughter).
i was so excited that they showed up & of course being pregnant, i had no clue that more was on its way.
then robbie & susan drive up and insist that we come out and help carry in all the "stuff" they brought.
i was too busy eating black eyed peas so i took my time.
by the time i walked out there, i realized everyone was holding up their flip cameras with big grins on their face.
blake had surprised me and got me a new car for my birthday!

i love it so much!
we have always been tahoe/yukon fans (it's what we currently own, but a 2002).
this car is perfect & i could not have done a better job picking one out for myself!

in case you didn't know, blake & i have shared the tahoe for over three years now.
it started in savannah since you can basically walk everywhere there and then we managed to pull it off for two more years in dallas.
somehow we made it work and it really never caused any issues.
maybe it's because i can walk to work & my brother-in-law is our neighbor. ;o)
either way, it worked and i am glad we lasted that long with one car.
but we knew with baby on the way, that would not be the most ideal situation any longer.

so now we officially have purchased our first car.
and i LOVE it.

thanks to my AMAZING husband for my present and congrats to him for pulling off his first surprise. (i normally catch on to these things but apparently i am not as sharp as a prego!)


baby bump

finally- here is a pic of the ever-growing belly at 29 weeks!

sweet lyla

here are a couple pics from christmas time that i just love.
the first one is of santa and baby lyla.
the second one is the fusch fam around lyla posing for our holiday card.

isn't lyla so sweet?!