Eleanor 3 months

i can't believe eleanor is 3 months old already.
my how time has flown!!

i have to admit- she is the most precious little angel i could have ever asked for & i am truly blessed each day watching her grow.



happy birthday to the sweetest dog we could have ever found!!
what a fun year it has been buddy bear!!

to see how we ended up with buddy, check out my blog posts labeled animals!


memorial day cuties

Lyla Durrett, Bentley Long & Eleanor enjoying their first memorial day out by the lake!

Eleanor 2 months

what a difference just one month makes!
she has changed so much, it's unbelievable.

Eleanor 1 month

I have decided to take monthly pictures of this precious cutie so I can remember how fast she is growing!
The pics will be taken on her white rocker in her room with her birdie pillow each month.
Here is month 1...hope you enjoy the series!