telluride here we come!

we are off to stay in this gorgeous home in telluride, colorado for the next 9 days.
i am so excited to get away, relax and enjoy the mountains.
craig, the durretts and the longs will be joining us as well as susan and robbie (who are helping out with the kiddos so we can get out on the slopes!)
it will be eleanor's first time to fly.
her, lyla and bentley will be on the same flight together.
i apologize in advance to all those near us...it could get wild!
blake, ryan and craig are driving up to colorado as i write this.
we completely packed out our yukon with pack-n-plays, high chairs, luggage, toys ,etc.
hopefully this makes for a much easier flight!
i can't wait to take pics of eleanor in her first real snow!
have a wonderful week!


10 months

it's pretty amazing that i will have a one year old in less than two months.
i just love seeing how she has changed over 10 months.
what a blessing these pictures will be 10, 15, 20 years from now!
eleanor has had a rough month to say the least.
from a double ear infection, the rash (which is still gone), her first tooth and an awful cold that she is just now getting over, she is finally back to her happy self and even more importantly back to sleeping 12 hours at night! thank the lord.
other Eleanor facts:
she weighs approx 16 1/2 pounds.
she naps at 9:30 and 2:30.
she nurses 4 times a day, around 7:30, 11:30, 3:00 and 7:00.
she eats three times a day and can put quite a bit down.
she loves turkey, green beans, hummus, cheese and pretty much anything i offer her.
she can say five words- mama, dada, buddy, lyla and jett (her cousins).
she loves music and clapping her hands.
she loves to point her finger.
her and lyla get super excited when they see eachother. it's pretty adorable.



thanks for all the sweet texts, comments and calls concerning eleanor.
things are much better now.

on my previous post i explained about an odd rash that showed up on her face.
yesterday it came back a tiny bit (still after i nurse her) but NOTHING like tuesday.
for the most part she was acting herself.
until yesterday evening.
we were outside with her and in the bright light, guess what we noticed...

white spots & purple on her gums!
i mean seriously, is my 10 month old FINALLY getting a tooth?
literally a couple hours ago it broke through and you can actually feel it now.
poor thing. i guess this explains all the drooling she has been doing lately.

so now my next question...could the rash have been related to teething?
i have never heard of that and ironically i asked the doctor tuesday if A. she was teething and B. if it was possible that she could get a rash from teething and she said no to both.

well maybe the rash isn't related but what a strange coincidence.
i guess i will know if if they are related if it happens with the next tooth.

i am trying to capture a good pic of the tooth but because of her obssession with the iphone, she moves all over the place trying to take it from me so they all turn out blurry.
maybe i need to bust out the big camera for this...

picture coming soon!


to all the momma's out there...

have you seen this before?

eleanor woke up this morning at 7:30 am like normal. she slept great.
i nursed her and once i was finished, i noticed a couple welts on her face.
they looked a lot like mosquito bites so i figured she got them during her sleep
(are there even mosquitos in january when it's 29 outside?!)

anyway, they faded within an hour or so and never seemed to even bother her.
we had breakfast, played and she went down at 10 am for her morning nap as usual.
she woke up at noon looking like this:

there were a bunch of the mosquito looking welts on her face.
her face was bright red.
they had spread to her head too.
again they didn't seem to bother. no itching although she was a bit fussy and clingy.
so i ended up taking her to the doctor.
by the time i got there the welts seemed to have merged together.
at that point it was just a couple GIANT welts on her face.
they pretty much said to keep an eye on it, that it was prob a food allergy or something normal and didn't seem too concerned.
they said i could give her benedryl if i felt necessary and that it should go away within a couple days. (exactly what i expected them to say...)
by the time i got home it was almost completely gone. so strange. i hadn't given her any meds yet.
so she went down for her second nap at 3:00 pm and woke up at 4:30 looking like this:

it had completely come back but was worse and in completely different spots on her face.
i also found it on her bottom, her shoulder and her foot...
i called the doc and they said to give her the benedryl, wash everything in her bed (since every time i got her out of the bed today, the rash appeared) and give her a cool bath.
check, check & check.
20 min after taking the benedryl, the welts were gone.
she was still fussy (she is never fussy and i literally mean that) and was so clingy.
all she wanted was to lay her head on my shoulders.
it actually was really sweet (i love it when she wants her momma) but seriously...what could this be?!
i really don't feel like it's a food allergy...she hasn't had anything different in that last few days.
there have been no changes in soaps, detergents, etc.
poor thing.
i hope she sleeps well and doesn't wake up with it in the morning but i would still love an explanation and right now i have no clue.
any ideas???


itty bitty baby

i stumbled upon this photo today.

it truly amazes me how much eleanor has changed.

i cannot believe she is two months away from her first birthday!