23 months


22 months


21 months


20 months


19 months


18 months

my how time flies!! happy 18 months to my baby!

she is doing perfect these days.

moving around like crazy, talking and GROWING.

she had a huge growth spurt per the doc at her recent appointment.

she grew 3 inches in three months and went from 30% in height to 75% which explains all her sleeping lately!

she is the joy of our lives and we are truly blessed by her!


recent mobile happenings...

eleanor cuddling with her blankie. LOVE.

practicing the balance beam at little gym.

eleanor and lyla enjoying milk and mickey.

cat face.

caught eleanor playing in the dryer...with daddy's underwear.

yes it's around her neck because everything is a necklace to her.

lil pianists.

trying on a fedora. how do i look?

hanging with the nickell boys at the san diego zoo.

i need this pic framed...

rach, eleanor and eli.

my lil anthro model.

an unhappy lyla because we were taking pics of her and her mess.

cousins playing at the galleria.

jett, eleanor and deedee.

bathtime with jett!

17 months


hangin with mark c!

we had a little run in with mark cuban at northpark today.

we were hoping for mark to hold both eleanor and lyla on each hip but let's just say lyla was not a happy camper about being passed off to mc.

oh well...i suppose this pic will do!

thanks mark!


bubbles are funny